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Pet-Friendly Flooring

What is the Best Type of Flooring for Pets?


Pets can be wonderful additions to homes. In fact, many people see them as a part of the family. However, they can cause a lot of problems in terms of furniture and flooring. They can track dirt all over the house, scratch up wooden floors, and shed hair all over the floors as well. However, if you make the best of appropriate flooring options, you can have a beautiful floor that will not be harmed by your pets.


Waterproof Flooring for Pets

Vinyl tiles can be put in and taken out individually. They have a natural resistance to moisture, meaning you do not have to worry about them soaking up stains such as pet urine. It will be resilient under daily foot traffic from everyone in the house as well. If one vinyl tile happens to be scratched or otherwise damaged, it can be replaced without much of a hassle at all.


Scratch Resistant Flooring

This may seem unconventional, but it is a great option for a modern home. It is relatively inexpensive, and it allows you to easily clean up your pets' accidents. It is also resistant to the scratches from your pets' nails and can be painted the color of your choice so as to not look like stark concrete.


Pet Proof Rugs

You can also obtain a natural rug, made from a material such as jute or sisal. They look good and are easily cleaned as well. All you need to do is take the rug and shake it off outside to get rid of dirt and debris. Another soft surface flooring option is Tigressá® carpets and Lees. Both Lees and Tigressá® are pet-friendly and offers a waterproof carpet construction. 


Is Bamboo Flooring Good for Pets?

Bamboo floors can look and feel similarly to hardwood floors, but they tend to be more resilient. They are less likely to be ruined by pet stains or scratches. Bamboo is also naturally renewable, as it grows quickly, which may be considered as a perk to the environmentally conscious.

As you can see, there are many options for those who want to have attractive floors that are also pet-friendly. You can look through all the options and see which one is best for you.


To learn more about per-friendly flooring, contact Columbia Carpet One Floor & Home, or visit our showroom in Peoria, IL. 



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