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Carpet Store in Peoria, IL

Supple and eternally comforting, carpeting has consistently held on to its leading spot as one of America’s most popular flooring mediums, and it isn’t difficult to understand why. Modern carpet options truly offer up something for every home and budget. At Columbia Rug Carpet One Floor & Home in Peoria, Illinois, we love today’s carpeting for its impressive array of color and pattern options, its ability to give your space an instant makeover, and its welcoming presence. You can shop our carpet selection now!


What Are the Different Types of Carpet?

Not all carpet are alike, and today there are many different options available for various performance needs. One of the most important things to consider when you buy carpet is the fiber type. Fibers have a large impact on how a carpet will perform and function. These fibers also play a role in the style and softness of the carpet and how it will look in your home. When it comes to finding a new carpet, it is more than choosing a color; you’ll want a carpet that is made to handle your lifestyle.


Types of fibers used in carpets include nylon, polyester, triexta, olefin/polypropylene, and wool.



Where Is The Best Place To Install Carpet?

Most homeowners like to install carpet in spaces of their homes where they relax, so you can install carpet in rooms such as your bedroom, living room, home office, and even children’s playrooms. Carpets that are built to be durable such as stain-resistant options are perfect for high traffic areas in your home like hallways. As your local carpet expert, we recommend not installing carpet in places such as entryways, kitchens, or bathrooms due to the potential or moisture damage.



The Carpet Installation Process

Being ready for the installation of your new carpet can make the process not only go faster but it will be more efficient. Our first piece of advice is to go with professional installers who have years of experience. We hire outside contractors to do our installations, and we trust them to get the job done right for you. Below are some of the basic installation things you need to know:



Our Carpet Padding Options

The proper carpet padding can dramatically extend the life of your carpet by guarding against spills and adding density. Learn more about carpet cushioning. Think about carpet cushion as carpet’s protective layer: it enables you to worry about your floor a little less and live a little more. First you’ll need to choose a cushion material. You can choose from rubber, foam, or fiber, along with different thicknesses and densities. If you’re installing traffic in a room with high volume foot traffic, opt for a thin, dense cushion to absorb the impact.


Our Carpet and Rug Selection

As a proud member of Carpet One Floor & Home, the world’s largest cooperative of independently-owned-and-operated flooring stores, we’re Peoria’s most trusted source for soft-surface flooring and related products. We offer some of the industry’s finest rugs, and we have top carpet brands for any lifestyle or business interior. With our incredible inventory of carpeting products designed to weather all of life’s storms, as well as ready-to-go carpet remnants and stair runners, we have just what you need to complete your space.




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How to Prevent Carpet Fading


Your new carpeting represents a serious investment.

Here are some simple steps you can take to prevent and,

if necessary, reverse carpet fading.




Carpet Trends


Do you like your décor on the cutting edge?

Let’s check out the latest trends in carpeting.




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