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Tile Flooring Designs

Tile flooring is a truly classic look. With hundreds of options to choose from, there is sure to be something that both fits your needs and your budget. From an eclectic look to the more traditional, classical approach, tile can complete the entire look of a renovated bathroom, kitchen, or even throughout the entire home. You just need to decide first the kind of design inspiration you're going for and what look works best with the current design of the room itself. 

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Wood Look Tile

Wood look flooring is a very popular flooring option for homeowners. You can have the same natural look as hardwood, but with the added durability of tile. Tile wood look flooring can take on several different looks of wood, from traditional colors to rustic hand scraped, and even petrified wood looks as well. These tiles come in long planks, and can even vary in size to give off an even more realistic wood look touch. Wood look tile floors are popular because you can install them anywhere in your home, are more durable than hardwood, and are moisture resistant.

Top Tile Floors Ideas

There really is nothing more classical than the traditional straight square. This standard look is a square tile followed by another square tile. It possesses a neat, uniform look in rows and columns. A secondary approach to this is the offset variation. Think of it as how bricks are laid, only in tile form. The tiles offset each other, which helps break up the straight lines and brings in a bit more interest in the flooring as well. Using an offset look can also help correct any kind of line issues. If a tile shifts over time in a straight square approach, it can throw off the entire aesthetic of the clean lines. Offset tiles do not have this kind of problem. The last real "classical" look is the diagonal. With this, you use the same square tiles you would in the straight square approach but instead turn it on its edge, having the tiles meet one another point to point.  It all just depends on what you are looking for. 

Best Bathroom Tile Designs

The checkerboard look is a mixture of classic and eclectic. With this, you use two different color options in a diagonal approach. This way, it helps distribute a bit more color and interest throughout the room (even if the two colors are only slightly different). A diagonal with dots brings in a third color and is a great little way to break up the flooring and to add even more interest to it. If your color palette feature multiple colors, this might be a great way to go. There is also the basketweave approach, which makes it look like a carpet weave, having the colored tiles look like rows are going over and under one another.  

With all of these different design options available to you, it all just comes down to your budget, the look you're going for and the general appearance you want your room to possess. From there you will find a beautiful tile option to fit these needs. 

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