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Lees Carpet

A high performance carpet isn’t hard to come by at our Columbia Rug Carpet One Floor & Home store. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality carpet brands available. If you aren’t getting the best then why invest? Keeping this in mind, we are proud to be able to exclusively offer the Lees Carpet brand. You won’t be finding Lees anywhere else, because it is only sold through our Carpet One stores. 

Lees Carpet is known for its ability to combine strength and style. There are no compromises when it comes to this carpet.  Whether you are looking to reintroduce your living room to today’s styles, or creates a traditional look, Lees offers a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the available collections: Lees carpet

What is the Most Pet Friendly Carpet?

Being stylish isn’t the only benefit of purchasing a Lees carpet. You are also getting incredible strength and stability. Lees Ultra25 feature offers 4x the protection by repelling liquids 4x faster than traditional carpets. So not only are you getting a stylish carpet, but one that is stain resistant. Those accidental spills may be worrisome if you have other carpets, but aren’t anything to stress about when you have Lees. 

Best Carpet for Pets and High Traffic

If keeping up with kids and pets is an everyday occurrence for you, then Lees will provide that extra hand with its ExtraLoc backing. The patented backing doubles the density of standard carpet constructions, and also ensures the stability and dimensional strength you need. Having a backing that will sustain the everyday wear and tear, and provide comfort, is just another reason why Lees is your go-to floor if you don’t want to compromise. 

Lees believes in its carpet products so much, that is also provides the 25 year “No Exclusions” Ultra25 Stain Warranty. Not matter what stain appears on your floors, you will be covered. 

Feel confident in your carpet with Lees! To learn more about Lees and the available collections, contact Columbia Rug Carpet One Floor & Home today, or visit our showroom in Peoria, IL.