Hardwood Floors

Add a Rustic or Modern Look to your Home

Hardwood Flooring Pros and Cons

You can’t replace the feeling of real hardwood floors. With brands like Shaw, Rustic River Hardwood, Armstrong, and Voyager offered at our Columbia Rug Carpet One Floor & Home store in Peoria, IL., you will be getting the top quality hardwood floors in the industry. However, with so many hardwood lookalikes, such as COREtec, available with a lower price tags, you may be wondering the benefits of having real hardwood.

The Most Durable Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors provide elegance to any home. No matter what style you are looking to achieve- modern, traditional, contemporary, etc., hardwood is your go-to flooring option. With so many colors and styles to choose from you will find the right hardwood floor to fit your home décor. Not to mention, hardwood is very appealing visually. Each plank tells a story and is slightly different than the next, which gives it unique character. 

Not only does hardwood allow you to transform your space to match your vision, it also increases the value of your home. Hardwood floors have the highest resale value compared to other flooring options. Thus, when you make an investment in hardwood floors, you can feel confident knowing you will get everything out of it!

Hardwood Flooring and Humidity

Although hardwood floors are visually appealing and worth the investment, some can be prone to expanding and contracting in rooms with more moisture and humidity. It is important to talk to our Columbia Carpet One Floor & Home sales team to learn more about the right hardwood for your home, and areas to avoid installing hardwood in. However we do offer sealant protection for your hardwood , to ensure the surface is sealed and prevent any stains and water damage. 

Hardwood flooring is not only timeless and luxurious, it is an investment you can feel good about. To learn more about our entire hardwood flooring inventory contact Columbia Rug Carpet One Floor & Home today or visit our showroom in Peoria, IL.