Experts at Columbia Rug Carpet One Floor & Home

At Columbia Rug Carpet One Floor & Home, we have the top of the line flooring products, and a staff to go with it!  Learn more about our Columbia Rug team by reading the bios below.

Brenda Perry

Brenda Perry has been proudly working with the Columbia Rug Carpet One family since 2007.  As a flooring specialist, she has the ability to ask the right questions to make your flooring vision a reality.  Whether you are looking for carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or tile; Brenda has the knowledge to match you with the best products for your lifestyle.

In addition, it is Brenda’s goal to give every customer the best experience possible.  She treats her customers like friends, and treats her friends like family.  Brenda believes that honesty is always the best policy, and is extremely detail oriented to ensure that your project goes off without a hitch.

If you have a flooring project in mind, please stop by Columbia Rug Carpet One and see Brenda.  She will make the process of creating your dream home a simple and enjoyable experience.

Codee Jennings

Codee Jennings has been serving the customers of Columbia Rug Carpet One since 2014.  From the very beginning, he has maintained the goal of providing outstanding customer service.  As a commercial flooring manager, Codee specializes in new home construction and restoration.

Codee also understands the importance of detail. Often times it’s the seemingly minor details that can make or break an overall design plan.  He is an avid follower of the latest interior design trends, and can achieve the perfect look for your home.  From super sleek modern design, to traditional or rustic aesthetics; Codee has the skill to help you make the home of your dreams.

As a father of three children (including twins!), Codee understands how busy life can get.  When it comes to floor coverings, Codee will make the process quick and painless because he truly values your time.  If you are considering a floor covering project, come in and see Codee Jennings.

Justin Davis

Justin Davis has been proudly working with the Columbia Rug team since 2013.  As a certified flooring and design consultant, he has the skills to combine your flooring performance needs with the beautiful styles you desire.  Like many other young professionals, he brings fresh perspectives and cutting edge decorating skills that reflect the most up to date interior design trends.  Whether you’re looking for a rustic-chic design, or ultra-contemporary industrial motif; Justin has the knowledge to create a space that truly reflects your personality.      

In addition, Justin’s priority is to provide an unparalleled customer service experience.  He understands that modern consumers are much more savvy in the internet age, and that outstanding service should be the rule, not the exception.  Justin delivers information and advice with the level of detail and honesty that you would expect to receive from a friend or family member.  If you are considering a floor covering project, stop at Columbia Rug and Justin will deliver an experience that will exceed your expectations. 

Marlis Tomlinson

There are multiple ways to approach a career in the flooring industry.  The first is to sit back, relax, and kill time until retirement; all the while resting on past laurels and outliving professional relevance.  The second way to approach a career in floor coverings is to continually educate yourself and stay current with the ever-changing products and procedures.  Marlis Tomlinson has wholeheartedly subscribed to the latter approach, and truly embodies the title “Flooring Professional.”

As a flooring professional, Marlis has thorough expertise in the advantages and limitations of all types of flooring, and the installation methods as well.  She understands the responsibility of fulfilling our customer’s wants and needs in every situation.  It would be a disservice to the customer to show products that look great, but fail to meet durability expectations.  Likewise, it would be equally unhelpful to show an extremely durable floor that doesn’t complement the customer’s décor. 

Marlis is amply qualified to evaluate your unique requirements, and provide recommendations that meet your wants and needs.  What’s more, her years of experience and sense of humor will help make the process of redecorating a fun, effortless, and enjoyable experience!

Shawn Sutton

Shawn Sutton has just recently joined the team at Columbia Rug Carpet One!  He is very excited to bring a level of expertise that can only be achieved by constantly learning and evolving over his 28 years in the industry.  

At Forty Nine years “young,” there isn’t much in the ever-changing world of floorcoverings that Shawn hasn’t seen, done, or been involved with.  From project layouts and estimating, to installation practices and current design trends; Shawn has the experience, and is motivated to assist with all of your floor covering needs.
In his down-time Shawn likes to spend time with his family and friends.  He also enjoys outdoor activities like trail hiking at Forest Park Nature Center, and as a music-lover attends as many concerts as possible.

Shawn is the type of person who has never met a stranger.  So if you see him out and about, feel free to strike up a conversation about flooring or music, and he will always take the time to make a new friend. 

To learn more about our Columbia Carpet One Floor & Home team, contact us today, or visit our showroom in Peoria, IL.