Carpet Trends Peoria, IL

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Carpet flooring is still the most popular type of floor material. Even though hardwood, tile, laminate, and other choices are now being used in homes and commercial properties more often, carpet has an appeal that will never die. One of the main reasons for the eternal popularity of carpet is that it offers a wide array of choices. Here are some of the most popular carpet choices today. 

Berber carpeting is one of the more unique looking carpet types. It is composed of loose looping, and is typically a pale brown or gray in color. Berber carpet can withstand more abuse than any other type of carpeting. Thanks to its unique construction, it won't look matted or worn even when kids and dogs are constantly running around the home. Berber is very easy to vacuum and is easy to spot clean as well. However, it may not be appealing to some because it lacks a plush feel. 

As its name implies, plush carpet is a luxurious feeling carpeting option. Plush carpet looks smooth and feels thickly textured, making it a pleasure to walk on. Plush carpet absorbs sound very well. Although plush is a very beautiful carpet and it has the luxury feel, it does not have the same level of durability that Berber carpeting has. Therefore, it may be better for low traffic homes. 

Textured Plush
Textured plush is a variation of traditional plush carpeting. It is made of the same materials, but it has a unique cut that allows it to withstand more foot traffic and damage that a plush carpet will. Textured plush still has the same luxury feel of traditional plush, but it does have a different look -- some people describe it as looking shaggier than plush. 

The three options described here are only a few of the many carpeting choices available today. To choose the perfect carpet option for your home, talk to your local contractor about what will work best for your family today!