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Carpet Installation 

You’ve done all the research to find the perfect carpet for your home, and have made the best choice. Now it’s time for installation, and you need to make the best choice for that as well. Being ready for the installation of your new carpet can make the process not only go faster but it will be more efficient. Columbia Rug Carpet One Floor & Home in Peoria, IL, has the advice when it comes to carpet installation.

Our first piece of advice is to go with professional installers who have years of experience. We hire outside contractors to do our installations, and we trust them to get the job done right for you. Below are some of the basic installation things you need to know:

  • Professional installers know how to handle seams, and can place them away from traffic and make sure they are away from doors ways and not running perpendicular to a light source.
  • Make sure to remove all furniture from the room you plan on having your floor installed in.
  • Consider how your old floor will be removed and disposed of. It can be time-consuming as well as messy.
  • Make sure your subfloors are prepped and ready to go, this means you may need a new subfloor. Again, this is something a professional installer can help you with.

Where Can Carpet be Installed?

Carpet flooring is a unique product of its own. Its unmatched style capabilities and softness make it a popular option for homes. The best places to install carpet include bedrooms, living rooms, and anywhere is low traffic. There are more durable carpet options that can be installed on stairs as well as hallways, so you don’t have to worry about the constant foot traffic. As always, keep carpet away from rooms that see a lot of moisture.

If you have more questions about carpet installation, be sure to visit our showroom and speak with one of our sales professionals.

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