Carpet Padding

What kind of Carpet Padding is Best?

What Kind of Carpet Padding is Best?

There are some exceptionally amazing innovations in the carpet industry today. Carpets now come with everything from being waterproof to stain resistant to amazingly soft. It’s hard to imagine that these carpets, featuring luxurious fibers, would need anything else to pad them down. But, more significant than the great feel a carpet cushion will add to a carpeted surface is the protection it will add below and above. Similar to how area rugs are protected and made more durable with canvas backing, carpet cushion will increase the lifetime and resiliency of your carpet. Continue reading to find out more about how to install carpet in the most effective way.

Benefits of Carpet Cushions

Let’s make the comparison to something very familiar that you use every day: your phone. All of the innovations in technology and design have made phones higher performing and sleeker than ever. Is there anything the smartphones we all have can’t do? When you go to buy a new phone, do you even blink when they ask you if you want a phone case? Think about carpet cushion as carpet’s protective case; it enables you to worry about your floor a little less and live a little more.

How Thick of a Carpet Pad Should I Get?

Ready to see how installing a carpet cushion with your carpet might be part of your new floor plan? First you’ll need to choose a cushion material. You can choose from rubber, foam or fiber and different thicknesses and densities.

Tip: if you’re installing traffic in a room with high volume foot traffic, opt for a thin, dense cushion to absorb the impact.

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