• Jun 24, 2014
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Home Decor Inspiration: Tiger Lily

Color Articles Exotic Laminate Living Room Summer Yellows/Oranges

Bold and bright with an exotic flair, the Tiger Lily is a great inspiration for a colorful room. Use the bright shades of orange and yellow for walls, pillows, linens and accessories. From the stem to the petals, this flower is full of design inspiration. Bursting with bright orange and deep yellow, a Tiger Lily's petals resemble a late July sunset, and what better inspiration for a summer room design?


Room Inspiration

Look for furnishings that have a little exotic feel. Rich wood tones go well in a Tiger Lily room. This solid hickory floor in a medium stain sets the perfect stage for an exotic tiger lily room. Softer walls and darker accessories from within the same color family go perfectly in a room like this. Deep oranges and majestic golds make a Tiger Lily's color stand out, especially in a room that gets this much sun.


Floors: Anytime Laminate- Available atĀ Carpet One Floor & Home.

Love the look of a Tiger Lily? You may want to check out some more flower inspired room decor ideas. Visit our posts on Summer Blooms or Floral Decor, or download the free summer magazine issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple.

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